Diploma Internazionale CIWM

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CIWM Certified International Wealth Manager

The study program provides in-depth knowledge with respect to the client’s investment strategy and asset allocation in the regulatory and tax framework, based on a holistic long-term approach and taking into account the client’s position, goals and risk tolerance. It qualifies candidates for executive positions in their field. 

Target audience 

The program is aimed at experienced investment advisors, financial planners, wealth managers, asset managers and professionals in private banking.

Entry to CIWM

The candidate wishing to enroll to the CIWM should have one of the following:

  • CIIA Diploma
  • CEFA Diploma
  • CIIA Foundation level (for those students that have already passed the CIIA Foundation level until 2021)
  • AWM Certificate
  • CFA level 1-3 inclusive


Wealth Management

  • Theoretical principles of portfolio construction
  • Client profile and evaluation of the financial position
  • Portfolio construction
  • Equity Investing for private clients

Relationship Management

  • Behavioural Finance
  • Real estate valuation, indices and financing
  • Relationship management
  • Dealing with the wealthy

Financial instruments

  • Interest rate futures
  • Exotic options
  • Swaps (IRS, TRS, CFD, CDS)
  • Structured products

Regulation and taxes

  • Legal requirements for client acquisition/acceptance
  • Comprehensive approach to wealth management and distribution of financial products: applicable rules in CH and EU incl. place of jurisdiction in case of disputes
  • Understanding of the client’s situation and applicable rules with regard to matrimonial regimes, estate and financial planning (trust, foundation, life insurance)
  • Taxation of derivatives, structured products and collective investment schemes



Distance-learning, can be started any time.


The time necessary is 300-400 hours, depending on the participants previous knowledge, corresponding to around 16 hours per week.


Study material English
Examination English

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