EFFAS Newsletter - December 2013

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  • Editorial 
  • EFFAS FAC Commission meets with international standard setters 
  • Thousandth graduate of the CIIA programme of the DVFA 
  • Scholarships and Grants 2014 Program 
  • EFFAS support the “AIAF Definition Guide” on European level 
  • EFFAS & NMS Events 

5. EFFAS support the “AIAF Definition Guide” on European level 

The compelling feature of this Definition Guide is that it was achieved thanks to the contributions of passionate and experienced professionals and practitioners who in a unique and innovative way wanted to provide a useful and important tool not only for experienced investment professionals but also for students preparing to embark on a career in finance as well as investors, and one that could also be used by the media. It is not enough to know your products. Like any physician or scientist, you need to have the requisite vocabulary – you have to have a command of the language of finance. We would like to congratulate the AIAF Standard Setter Commission, all the sponsoring equity brokers and the people who worked on this initiative and the completion of this first edition. The Guide has been clearly and persuasively written, and the result lives up to all expectations. We aim to revise and update the Definition Guide on a regular basis so as to always stay abreast of the challenges ahead. We trust this EFFAS Definition Guide, based in the Italian one, will be embraced and put to good use, and will serve as a practical reference work for all.